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The African Civil Society Caucus was formed through joint efforts of civil society organisations present at the first Preparatory committee meeting (PrepCom1) of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), and through various online discussions and physical meetings. The aim of the Caucus is to strengthen African civil society?s capacity to ensure African perspectives on the information society are articulated in the WSIS process.

Key Issues:

Enabling environment, freedom of expression, universal and affordable access, gender equity, sustainable development, cultural and linguistic diversity, democratic governance, capacity building and global social justice.

Open and inclusive platform:

The Caucus is an open platform and invites all individuals and organizations in or with interest in Africa to participate. Interactions of the caucus take place through online discussions and physical meetings are constituted whenever possible. A steering committee has been formed during prepcom 2 of the WSIS in Geneva in February 2003.

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Contact and participation:

The list address is:
African Information Society Initiative - Discussion Forum



As per discussions and subsequent agreement during the final civil cociety plenary in Geneva on Feb 28th, the domain was created as a space for the establishment of lists to discuss and share information between PrepComs and the Summit.

All regional and thematic caucuses are invited to use this domain, if they wish, for the creation of mailing lists to facilitate their work. In addition, lists have, or will be created for use by the Civil Society Plenary, the Civil Society Bureau and the Civil Society Content and themes group.

Subsequently a mailing list has been created for the Africa Civil Society Caucus to faccilitate information sharing and communications on WSIS. You are all now urged to join this mailing list and use this as a central space for WSIS related issues.


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