A very brief introduction to the WSIS process

Overview of Civil Society Elements and how to get involved:
the Plenary, Content and Themes Group and Bureau

Civil Society Caucuses and Working groups

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Civil Society Organisations
Civil Society Division

Civil Society Translation team

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>> about the wsis-cs.org domain

The Wsis-cs.org domain was created at the end of PrepCom II.

As per discussions and subsequent agreement during the final Civil Society plenary in Geneva on Feb 28th, the wsis-cs.org domain was created as a space for the establishment of lists to discuss and share information between PrepComs and the Summit.

>> what you will find on this site

Information about the elements which make up Civil Society - the Civil Society Plenary, Content and Themes Group, the Bureau - and what their respective roles are and how, and to what extent, you can participate in these spaces.

Information about Civil Society regional and thematic caucuses and working groups, their focal points, information about mailing lists and websites and who to contact if you would like to join https://florafox.com/ru/kaliningrad-53.

Links to content produced by Civil Society Content and Themes group.

Information about how to request the creation of a mailing list @wsis-cs.org.
[All regional and thematic caucuses are invited to use this domain, if they wish, for the creation of mailing lists to facilitate their work.]

Links to other useful WSIS related websites.

>> what you will NOT find on this site

Information about fellowships and grants, accomodation, accreditation and registration. For this and other information please visit the following sites where you will find further contact information:

Fellowships and grants
Information about the PrepCom and Summit Agendas
Conference and room bookings ()
Conference and room bookings ()